What are Flower Remedies?


Flower remedies are an energetic imprint of flowers infused in water in sunlight or moonlight, they are energy medicine and do not have a scent (unlike essential oils).  They represent the spirit of the plant and impact your mind, body, emotions and spirit bringing balance and alignment in a natural way.

This gentle but powerful therapy was developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach and is based on the belief that the root of imbalance lies in a patient's attitude and emotional outlook.  Using the healing properties present in 38 specific flowers and herbs, Bach Flower Remedies have been used successfully worldwide to influence the emotions positively and thus promote wellbeing.

During a consultation you will be gently guided to set intentions that will remove any limiting patterns or blockages from your energy system.  This intention will then be used to select the most resonant flowers from the Bach Flower Remedies , the Chalice Well Essences and other ranges.

A 30 ml dropper bottle including up to 5 essences will be made up with instructions for usage together with spiritual guidance.

Flower Elixir