My paintings and drawings are made using automatic techniques derived from spiritualist and surrealist experiments.  These techniques remove conscious control over the creative process and allow me to find and generate images from my subconscious and the universe.  Spontaneous chance effects and random processes give way to textural features, blots and smudges which are all an integral part of the work.

Although the processes are automatic there is a cohesive visual language of mark making that can be seen throughout the paintings and drawings.

I am inspired by themes of enchantment and influenced by the romantic aspiration of Surrealism to

're-enchant the world to its highest expression'. 

... any poet, any authentic artist, cannot be content to experiment with or innovate forms, but is above all a clairvoyant  whose art, recovering the very principle of ancient magical practices, seeks to penetrate the mysteries of the external as well as the internal world in order to transfigure them and, hence, 'transform the world and change life'. 

(Magic Art. Surrealism: Key Concepts)